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Celebrities at home (Volume 3) MONSIGNOR CAPEL AT KENSINGTON - Posted January 26, 2012

An article about Boy Capel’s Uncle printed in 1878 Celebrities at home (Volume 3). April 1878. MONSIGNOR CAPEL AT KENSINGTON The white house standling: in “Wright’s Lane, almost shoulder to shoulder with the hideous red-brick Hospital for Boys, has undergone a change of late years both as to its title and its tenant. It was […]

Tips for Applying Chinoiserie Handpainted Silk Wallpaper - Posted January 2, 2012

Handpainted Chinese Silk Wallpaper is a luxury wall treatment that in the past only the very wealthy could afford. Handpanted wall paper is still not cheap (although you can find Handpainted Chinese Wallpaper on eBay now) because it is painted by hand onto paper backed silk and takes weeks to prepare. Usually you send your […]