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Carla Bruni Bag in Midnight in Paris - Posted January 3, 2013

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy carries a Bryce bag from Jerome Dreyfuss in Midnight in Paris Carla carries the Dreyfuss Bryce bag in the scene at the Rodin museum, in the same scene, Rachel’s friend carries another bag from the same make, a Dreyfuss Twee Mini Cross Body Bag – Click here to find similar bags on eBay […]

Identified: The jeans Rachel McAdams wears in the movie Midnight in Paris - Posted

Ages ago I wrote a popular post about the Chanel tote bag in the movie, and I still see questions about the jeans Rachel McAdams wears in the movie midnight in paris – so, what jeans are Rachel McAdams wearing in Midnight in Paris? The Jeans she wears are by LIU Jeans, currently the best […]