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Boy Capel Spotted in Deauville 1913 - Posted April 27, 2015

Photos of Boy Capel are rare so it is interesting to come across one we may have missed. The pictures below are of Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel’s first boutique in Deauville circa 1913. In one of the pictures she is standing at the door of her boutique between her sponsors Boy Capel seated on the left […]

Chanel Lesage Embroidery for Salzburg Metier d’Art collection Fall 2015 - Posted April 12, 2015

Deft hands at work at Lesage on exquisite applique embroidery and beading for the Chanel Salzburg Metier d’Art collection for Fall 2015 – Photos courtesy of Chanel. I always look forward to the exquisite creations that are characteristic of Chanel Metier d’Art collections and they never fail to impress. The beautifully executed craftwork and expertise […]