Buying expensive french copper cookware at a discount.

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French Copper CookwareReal french copper cookware, which I love (see my previous post about my dream set of French copper cookware), can be very expensive, so if you see it at a generous discount its time to buy, sometimes the discount alone can be more than the price of a ticket to Paris!
The First place I look, and I usually go back and end up buying there as well, is the Amazon Cookware Section because their discounts can be huge and the free shipping is a great plus. In the Amazon Copper Cookware section, this section includes copper bottom only pans, so on the left menu chose material "copper" to see only the copper clad sucepans, you can then sort by best selling, to see what people are buying and read the reviews. Their top seller there today is the Mauviel model M-6501-17 Mauviel Cuprinox Extra-Thick 2.5 mm 1.9-Quart Saucepan with Lid, there is even a used price, but my preference is to buy new.

That said there is an online store that is worth checking out: MetroKitchen sells Mauviel copper cookware, which is one of my favorite brands of French Cookware and they have a sale on right now, always good news!
Here is the link to the same Mauviel Cuprinox sauce pan model M-6501-17 at MetroKitchen web site:

Mauviel Cuprinox 2.5mm 1.9 qt. Sauce Pan w/C.I Handle w/Lid
, they have a sale on and they are offering free shipping at present.

To compare see the amazon price:

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