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Ethical Sustainable Style for the Holiday Season - Posted December 3, 2016

The pretty sweater above from People Tree is not only stylish but produced according to ethical fairtrade principles.  We hear words like Eco-fashion, ethical fashion, green and sustainable fashion as buzz words but  companies that operate on fair trade principles are a way to make a real difference in counteracting the very real negative impact […]

Cara Delevingne’s Doll dressed in Chanel Suit at Chanel’s Fall 2015 Show - Posted March 12, 2015

Cara Delevingne carries a doll with an enviable Chanel outfit. Cara’s Doll Dressed in a Doll Sized Tweed Chanel Suit at the very stylish bistro themed Chanel Fall 2015 Show. For me the styles were a new take on a very grown up lady-like chic reminiscent of glamourous movie stars of classic cinema.  The bistro decor […]

Arthur J. Capel, Boy Capel’s father - Posted December 4, 2011

Following is information I have collected regarding Arthur J. Capel, Boy Capel’s father. Most of the popular biographies of Coco Chanel I have seen repeat inaccurate speculations about Boy Capel’s origins and parentage. However I have found that the information is there to be discovered if one is willing to delve in to publicly accessible […]