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Celebrities at home (Volume 3) MONSIGNOR CAPEL AT KENSINGTON - Posted January 26, 2012

An article about Boy Capel’s Uncle printed in 1878 Celebrities at home (Volume 3). April 1878. MONSIGNOR CAPEL AT KENSINGTON The white house standling: in “Wright’s Lane, almost shoulder to shoulder with the hideous red-brick Hospital for Boys, has undergone a change of late years both as to its title and its tenant. It was […]

Arthur J. Capel, Boy Capel’s father - Posted December 4, 2011

Following is information I have collected regarding Arthur J. Capel, Boy Capel’s father. Most of the popular biographies of Coco Chanel I have seen repeat inaccurate speculations about Boy Capel’s origins and parentage. However I have found that the information is there to be discovered if one is willing to delve in to publicly accessible […]

Arthur Warren meets Monsignor Capel – excerpt from London Days 1920 - Posted December 3, 2011

Just then a wet prelate in a shaggy coat shook himself at the door, as if he were a huge dog that had soaked in the rain. His prelacy was revealed by the purple at his throat. “Monsignor Capel,” exclaimed Sala. “How are you? And did you come in a boat?” {35} “The voyage from […]

Mgr.Thomas John Capel (1836–1911), at Cedar Villa, Kensington, London - Posted

Abingdon House and the Catholic University College Source: To the west of Wright’s Lane at its south end lies Cheniston Gardens, a dour little development promoted between 1879 and 1885 by the Kensington building partnership of Taylor and Cumming. The site had previously been occupied by Abingdon House, one of the several Georgian ‘villas’ […]

Capel Family 1851 Census – Boy Capel’s Grandparents - Posted August 22, 2011

Arthur ‘Boy’ Capel’s Grandparents John Capel , born 1810 , Occupation in 1851:  Coast Guard Boatman ,  Birth address given as Station Cottage , Brompton  Kent, England Mary Capel , Born 1809- ,Irish –   Waterford , Station Cottage , HO107-1635 650 , 94 , 0 Boy Capel’s Father and Uncle Arthur Joseph Capel, born in […]