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Buying expensive french copper cookware at a discount. - Posted April 5, 2011

Real french copper cookware, which I love (see my previous post about my dream set of French copper cookware), can be very expensive, so if you see it at a generous discount its time to buy, sometimes the discount alone can be more than the price of a ticket to Paris! The First place I […]

The Perfect Pot Rack - Posted March 29, 2011

A good set of cookware deserves to be on display in the eclectic kitchen and this Old Dutch 36-by-18-Inch Oval Pot Rack, in Copper is not only elegant and sophisticated it happens to be the most highly rated pot rack on Amazon at the time of writing. No wonder then that there are only couple […]

The Eclectic Kitchen: French Copper Cookware - Posted March 28, 2011

Nothing says French country like a gleaming set of genuine French copper cooking pots. Its a timeless look that sets the tone and adds a true touch of class to your kitchen. If you have a blue and white provencal style kitchen the warm glow of the copper adds a warming touch, but more than […]

Kitchen Floor Ideas: Tomettes - Posted September 5, 2010